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Lets go to the real SHIT

Im really excited for FlxAnimate 4.0.0, I've been developing for a year, even more I believe since the last version


Well, Uhm... three reasons:

  1. I'm a perfectionist, I need this version to be the best out yet, the number represents a bunch of personal shizz that I came out of my ass loool

2. Masks are HARD

I cannot fathom how much layer masks are complicated to me, so fascinating but so complicated to pull off in the HaxeFlixel realm.

3. I'm trying to go BEYOND texture atlases. I'm gonna go into detail in the next.... fuck it, let it be now

Beyond Texture Atlases?

Yes. and I mean this whole heartedly, when I mean beyond Texture atlases, let's just say, ACTUAL


I've been saying this for a while now, but right now is more surely than ever.

Me and Maru (Mostly Maru, ngl LMAOOOO) are building a Flash plugin, mostly to fix and implement stuff that the default one doesn't have.

That being said...

This enhancer is aiming to be a 1:1 JSON file, this way it gets lesser space and adds more features, making the overall experience feel richer in coding and everything be truly be computed in your computer.

Now, there will be the option to replace image spritemaps (BOOOORINGGGGGG) to actual vector vertices and cubics (SO COOLLLL!!!!!)

what will this mean?

  1. Not having to worry about memory issues going on
  2. True shape tweens into place, resulting in lesser image space and all being computed in your PC

I'm excited to pull this off!!!! I've been reading from every website I could find to pull it off (Even websites that are now lost, but back thanks to wayback machine)

I REALLY want to do it, to make myself proud, and because I really believe HaxeFlixel could benefit from Vector Graphics

if you, user of HaxeFlixel is thrived by this, I got bad news:

As much as I'd like to finish FlxAnimate, I'm basically one guy building that (I'm pretty sure Macromedia/Adobe had more people than one) so I'm doomed to slowly build this ambitious thing on my own. Plus, not gonna lie.... I wanna win something with it.... NOT THAT IT'S GONNA STOP BEING OPEN SOURCE!!!!


I need some money, to commission programmers on stuff I specifically need and even host a website. Now, I'm poor as a mf, not gonna even lie .·°՞(≧□≦)՞°·.

*sniff* maybe... maybe if... you could donate to this... a-awesome kofi m-maybe I could have more money....

Seriously though, feel free to donate the kofi if you wanna support the project, I would really appreciate it!! putting you on a wall of honor type shit lmaooo

if not, thenn I suppose... I don't know.... tell me when bugs happen and stuf? that helps a TON and even tho I haven't been as active as before working my ass off for a 9 to 5 with extra hours, I still try my best to catch up!


A/w, stream Kawai Sprite and PinkPantheress! Peace ✌️

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